Competition To Acquire Talent is Getting Fiercer Every Year.

Head hunting teams need a new approach that goes beyond job portals and recruiting agencies
something that uses new methodology of engagement to build relationships with the best talent .

Best enterprises are 35% more likely to invest in new technologies to make recruitment more engaging to Talent*

Enterprises using recruitment marketing automation are 2x more likely to have improved their Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

76% of Recruitment Leaders

reported that inbound recruitment in India for attracting top talent has been the biggest challenge in 2019. This means that employers going forward will face an even bigger challenge while attracting top talent. Best Talent chooses where they want to work, not the other way round. Recruitment Leaders who do Job Postings and wait for talent to apply will find it very difficult to attract talent.

Right Prospective

candidate's are calling the shots, employers have to apply innovative recruiting strategies in order to stand out from their competitors in the war for talent. This is where recruitment marketing automation comes in.

Recruitment Marketing Automation

the process of using marketing technology to attract potential candidates and nurture them with resonating content resulting in their application for job positions. Choosing a good inbound recruitment marketing agency in India can bring about a huge positive change.

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Improved Communication

Resonating communication is the cornerstone of a successful recruitment strategy. Engaging audiences with relevant content helps them know more about you. Getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time is a must. Communication depth also means making communication a conversation rather than a one-way street.

Employers Branding

Create an authentic communication and tone of voice for your employer brand, so that prospective talent know exactly what to expect as an employee. It’s of paramount importance to provide a interesting, consistent, genuine and engaging journey. There are plenty of methodologies beyond words that you can use to actively amplify your employer brand.

Creating a Talent Repository

In Present times, most of the potential talent isn’t actively looking for open job positions on job boards and career sites. This is true for high performers and If enterprises want to convince them to come & work at their organisation, they will need to make a great first impression in their outreach then continue investing in a relationship with them until they are ready to accept a job offer. You can’t expect top performers to leave their current job or invest effort in your application process just because they received a call or saw a job posting. This simple, yet highly effective lead generation tactic will help you build your talent pool quickly and easily.

Build an Engaging Relationship

with potential talent by communicating with them regularly through engaging content. Implementing these three key recruitment marketing methodology should be a priority for every enterprise, who wants to be successful at attracting and hiring top talent.

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