Lead nurturing builds relationships with prospects, based on their persona and their stage in the purchase cycle. With this content-based marketing automation strategy, we help you transform the initial interest in the buyer’s mind to an intent-to-buy.
In today’s B2B scenario, where the customer is a business and not an individual end-consumer, both, traditional and digital marketing, have proved to be ineffective. Our Marketing Automation initiative, on the other hand, helps deliver magnificent results.
Recruiters need a new approach that goes beyond job-boards and recruiting agencies—something that uses cutting-edge technology to target passive job candidates. Recruitment is not a one-way deal. When a company respects the individuality of a candidate, it also creates a ‘brand individuality’.
Marketing automation technologies for NGO’s are increasingly becoming the solution to address fund-raising challenges, while also addressing the needs of your donors. Just a modest jump in donor retention percentage has dramatic effects on the ability to increase fund-raising.
Big ticket sales funnels always involve various stakeholders. Account based marketing identifies the influencers/decision-makers and triggers customized and targeted communication.
Not limited to being a mere messaging service, Internal Communication Automation helps businesses reach their goals and share their vision, mission and values with their employees and other stakeholders.

In a nutshell...

Technology in marketing can be used for much more than just automating emails. When all its features are implemented, it can facilitate better marketing and sales alignment, improve customer relations management and contribute to faster sales.

This is where we come in

We employ a process-oriented approach to design and implement, fine-tuning this methodology over time. 85% of B2B companies fail to leverage the full potential of their marketing investment. Marketing Automation can be a powerful tool, but a complex set-up process often results in important functions being left unused. Remove risk with our team. We implement and manage campaigns that get results.

We break barriers...

Every marketing automation agency in India strives to convert leads into qualified leads and opportunities. But we get the job done by creating personalised automated marketing processes. Our unique application of recruitment marketing automation and account-based marketing is what sets us apart from industry peers.

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Approach toward recruitment has changed drastically in the past 20 years with most changes have come in the last 3 years.


With Interpretive messaging failing miserably, Outbound contact centres those thrived when buyers weren’t that knowledge-savvy, and sales reps could push are under immense pressure


Personas are the Who in your targeting plan.
Infographic – one size does not fit all

How to create an inbound recruitment strategy

Inbound recruiting using Marketing Automation is the methodology used to create a remarkable experience ​​


Account Based Marketing comes with lot of benefits if it is well aligned with account based sales​​

Successful People – Constant Learning

Historically, technological transformations created jobs! Remember the industrial revolution​

Cross Channel Cross Device

Campaign Strategy

Interruptive Marketing

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