Top 5 Marketing Channels for Inbound Recruitment in 2022

top 5 marketing channels in India

The recruitment landscape is undergoing a paradigm shift, where we, as recruiters, no longer have the option of cherry-picking talent from a pool of qualified candidates. Job-seekers choose us when they’re ready, so we must be at all the right places and build up our credibility as an organisation to be their employer of choice. With recruitment marketing booming on a global scale, hiring managers must focus on the outreach channels they invest in, to engage with talent. With multiple generations of digital natives in the workforce, these are the different marketing channels companies must prioritize in their recruitment efforts: 

1. Employee Advocacy

It’s important to note that current employees are  he best employer brand representatives you could ask for. They carry it with  them back to their social  circles and extended families. Thus, setting up a robust referral incentive program can serve you and your talent acquisition needs quite well. In many countries, including India, employee referrals remain at the top of the recruitment hierarchy.

2. Facebook

Nearly 1/3rd of the world’s population has active user accounts on this social media platform. It gets 20 billion more visitors per month than LinkedIn. That is a lot of eyeballs viewing your FB posts, interacting with your company presence, and reading about your open positions. Between your current employees sharing job posts with their friends to passive job-seekers looking for a change, Facebook is a great platform to reach hard-to-find candidates with niche skills.

3. LinkedIn

No matter where in the world you’re recruiting from, LinkedIn is the best source for management and Clevel candidates. It has a large enough user-base, making it the backbone of today’s recruitment marketing strategies. When used right, it can make sourcing the right candidates a breeze. A recruitment marketing company can help your brand stand out from the deluge of other competing employers.

4. Email and Job

Alerts Using individual  messages to “warm-up” your email list can pique the curiosity of job-seekers. Encouraging them to subscribe to your job alerts can keep them engaged until the right opportunity comes up. Creating original content through newsletters, daily alerts, company emails etc. is a great way to offer value and establish yourself as an expert in their niche industry.

5. Google for Jobs

You cannot miss the blue box that dominates the results page for all job searches on Google. Millions of candidates search on Google for open positions every day, making it the world’s largest job exchange platform. Using SEO strategies to increase the exposure of your job postings on Google will help you attract the best talent and drive traffic to your own recruitment website. Inbound recruitment is not an overnight job. To get the most of your hiring efforts, you’ll need to begin with a strong engagement strategy for job-seekers on all of these platforms. Professional recruitment marketing services can establish a strong employer brand and reward you with a sizable talent pool to draw from.

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