It is not an unknown fact that leaders at non-profit

and their staff, want to adopt technology; which is a really good news. But the bad news is, very few actually integrate technology into their organizational strategy.

With the ability to segment donors based on characteristics, non-profits can draft content ahead of time and schedule them to be sent out to those segments at the optimal time.

For-profit setups use technology in every process, to maintain their profits, increase market shares and enhance shareholder values. However, for non-profits, the task is to create public value. It requires a different thinking to figure out how technology heightens their effectiveness. We really think it’s a more difficult assessment but essential.

Marketing automation has been doing wonders when it comes to donor retention worldwide. Individual fundraising is a buzzword today and Marketing Tech helps non-profits to further specialize and target their key donors with the best engaging messaging through list segmentation.

The non-profit sector is known for not being particularly innovative and carries a lot of resistance to change. NGO's are focused on their mission—sometimes feeding people and at other times educating people or helping the disabled. They’re not thinking about how to increase efficiency or bring in more tech in the processes, the way that a startup or any for-profit company would.

We help non-profits create lists of donors based on donor type, demographic markers, networking flags, and more and help them engage with their present and prospective donors.

This Methodology makes us one the the best NGO Fundraising Agency

Our Marketing Automation fundraising strategy integrates various marketing channels - email, direct mail, landing pages, microsites, social media, etc. into a single, easy-to-use platform, and then we provide campaign analytics and the power to personalize campaigns according to each donor's provided information.

For non-profits, there are two ways to increase donations: upsell to existing patrons or find additional donors.

We also help non-profits avail Google grant of 10k and use that along with minimal spend on other paid channels to raise funds.

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