Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Methodology of customizing the message for one specific account and approaching the account with that relevant messaging. The first step towards success is to identify the relevant decision makers and influencers while building a message that resonates with their individual persona.

Leads aren’t your revenue generator, accounts are. Money, time invested per account, and technology together can optimize the output of targeted accounts but not without collaborative efforts of sales and marketing teams.

Account-based marketing is a B2B strategy focusing on a group of key accounts to apply a program for optimizing a campaign, before scaling to a larger marketing program.

While working on a particular account generating intelligence about that account is the next step. What's important is knowledge and understanding of their unique business issues, their industry and curate fresh ideas to advance their business.

We at Oxper,

Are a professional account-based marketing agency in Gurgaon, building campaigns that bridge the marketing and sales divide and deliver resonating communication to target accounts. We identify and nurture targeted personas based on personalised content, using integrated channels to attract and convert specific, niche buyers.

ABM helps companies to increase account depth. It demonstrates how easy it is for businesses to generate more revenue from existing clients than from new clients. 77 per cent of decision-makers say that marketing from new business seekers is poorly targeted and staying with their current vendor is more justified.

Unlike any other account-based marketing agency in India, our team creates resonating content, events, and entire campaigns dedicated to the personas associated with that account, rather than the overall industry as a whole.

Marketing and Sales divisions need to unite their efforts to identify potential leads with pre-defined sales goals for an increased return on ROI. Account history, marketing campaigns, digital body language and digital footprints are key indicators of whether the proposed lead would succeed in an everlasting relationship or is worth pursuing.

We believe identifying your target customer should be a joint effort between marketing and sales, since it'll require data from both functions - firmographic data, which consists of things like industry, company size, location, and annual revenue, as well as other factors, like market influence, likelihood of repeat purchase, and expected profit margin.

A survey by Engagio found that 42 per cent of digital marketers state that ABM has a somewhat higher return of investment when compared to other digital marketing initiatives.

From MarTech stack recommendations to campaign implementation and content development, our managed services team ideates and executes on ABM strategies for high tech and SaaS organizations.

B2B organizations with tightly in sync sales and marketing teams achieved 24% faster three-year revenue growth and 27% faster three-year profit growth.

It's been found that when ABM has been a part of marketing for at least a year, 60% of companies saw a revenue increase of at least 10%, while 19% reported a revenue increase of 30% or greater.

Today 92% of marketing leaders are more inclined at selling to executive level than they were two years ago.

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