Earlier, events were a low-cost way of introducing

a new product or service or engaging with existing customers. Showcasing the business in front of a live, captive audience was supposed to provide an opportunity for businesses to get a buy-in for its product or service much quicker. But in the last 10 years, the way consumer behaviours have changed, corporate events are sheer failures.

"Been there but not there"

is an awful plague that affects all types of events, small or big, free or paid, popular or fairly new. The thing is that companies are not able to keep that excitement going.

Today, various marketing automation strategies offer end-to-end services to current event-management challenges, ranging from audience recognition and event attendance to post-event engagement.

While this may appear solely as a conventional digital marketing kind of approach, it ain’t. Resonating content is specifically tailored to create an interest in the prospect’s mind. Such persona-based marketing techniques capture the audience’s interest by offering customized experiences at their convenience of time, device and channel, with the sole objective of message absorption.

These strategies help an event automation agency penetrate new markets for its clients, help them gain fruitful insights into the type of communication that captures the interest of its prospects and the media channels they like to gain their knowledge from. These analytics can be advantageous for targeting specific personas, personalised communication messages and for gauging appropriate channels to capture the audience, build interest in their minds, and finally draws them to participate in client events.

The campaign doesn’t end here.

To maximize event success, last interaction can be used to re-engage with existing customers, i.e. you have deep insights into the prospects attending your events. Driving engagement activities post-event will keep your prospects well informed and motivate them to come back to you for repeated sales.

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