Why is it that 80% of your prospects who have the ability to engage with you aren’t doing it yet?

Most market qualified leads (MQL) don’t convert to sales qualified leads (SQL) instantly. B2C marketing strategies like brand marketing, advertising and value pricing lose their effectiveness in the B2B marketing scenario.

Many B2B marketers still use conventional strategies

like attending trade shows or events. Some employ a team of representatives, to build and enrich these key relationships. But lately, all these B2B Marketing strategies are not working anymore.

Let bygones be bygones, it’s time to innovate your marketing efforts if you want to be the best B2B marketing agency in India.

digital content

With digital content and platforms capturing an increasingly bigger share of B2B decision-makers' attention, it is very important for your brand to develop a B2B Marketing strategy that takes care of both traditional and emerging digital opportunities.


that uses various Marketing automation strategies for data-driven lead generation, lead nurturing, demand generation, and account-based marketing.

Many B2B businesses have had a rough time comprehending what they actually need to know to create an effective marketing strategy.

To maximize budget and efforts, every B2B marketing team has to ensure they are promoting their content to their ideal audience. Random pieces of content will not take marketing initiatives anywhere. Research shows that we remember only 10% of any information we read three days later.
Reaching out to a highly relevant and scalable audience, so as to achieve an optimum ROI from given marketing budgets is one of the most difficult challenges for B2B marketers,. that too when you take into consideration Pareto's Principle of 80 per cent revenue comes from 20 per cent of the clients.

Sharp market intelligence and close attention to target segmentation shall place a B2B marketing team in a strong position to meet the needs of the business.

Our B2B marketing teams build impactful marketing plans that cut through the noise, generate relevant leads, and effectively address genuine customers, instead of relying on old strategies that produce leads that just fizzle out.

Our B2B marketing agency teams also take into account that each industry they work with, will have unique lingo, thought leaders, and cultural conversations in order to market to them.

63% of visitors requesting information on your company today will not buy for at least 3 months – and 20% will take

In 2015, 46 per cent of B2B professionals were millennials (it is now over 50%).

More than half of B2B buyers consume at least 8 pieces of content going through the purchase process, and 82% of buyers consume at least 5 pieces of communication from the seller prior to purchase.

In The technology world

complicated communications are the default, because their products themselves are often technical and difficult to describe easily. This becomes especially difficult when content is focused on product specifications which are technical by nature, instead of consumer experience and benefit.

best practice

While incorporating email into B2B Content Marketing strategy we group your email list by industry and create content for specific persona segments. Whether you group personas by industry, company size, or even based on engagements from a survey, segmentation helps you avoid writing in non-resonating tones.

High-value, high-risk purchases are very distinct from purchase in a B2C scenario since a large number of senior decision makers rank several purchase criteria ahead of such purchase.

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