Recruitment Marketing: Quit Waiting on the Perfect Candidate (Hire them instead).

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Consider the following hypothetical: your organization is in the middle of a major hiring push and suddenly your recruiting manager has taken ill and will be unable to perform his duties for a matter of weeks or months. Or worse amid the many ongoing Covid-19 waves, your workforce faces a talent crunch owing to lay-offs or several employees who have taken to bed simultaneously.

In the face of such catastrophe, what structures or stratagems should you have in place to prevent your recruitment efforts from coming to a screeching halt? To continue ongoing employer branding initiatives on social media and other platforms that are consistent with existing efforts? The straightforward answer to that is recruitment marketing.

Find the Best-Fit Candidate Quickly

Odds are, the perfect candidate for your latest open position is already out there, working for a different company. Having a robust recruitment marketing strategy can convince that candidate and other passive job-seekers to adjust their course and switch to a position at your company. This reduces the time-to-hire significantly. More so, if you can offer something their current employer doesn’t.

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It might be more prestige, better pay, more opportunity for advancement, a better work culture and office location, or any of the other elements that traditionally make up a strong EVP (employee value proposition). If you really are a good fit for each another, the biggest obstacle standing between you and your ideal hire is awareness. If they don’t know you exist, or don’t immediately associate your business with your employer brand, then how will they make their way into your applicant funnel?

Since your ideal employee isn’t actively seeking your company out, you need to go to them. The best way to ensure a warm talent pipeline with passive candidates would be to turn yourself into an employer of choice. Outsourcing your inbound hiring efforts to a professional recruitment marketing agency is a surefire way to get the job done.

How Recruitment Marketing Closes the Hiring Gap

A robust recruitment marketing strategy will usually involve:

  • Numerous ad campaigns running simultaneously across multiple channels
  • A strong content strategy to differentiate yourself from other employers
  • Automation to target, budget and schedule brand awareness campaigns
  • Data-driven insights into your hiring efforts with the right metrics and KPIs

Rather than laboriously navigating through administrative hiring tasks, recruitment marketing automation can add a spark of creativity to your talent acquisition efforts and deliver the maximum value out of your employer branding campaigns with a few simple clicks from one centralized location.

In practice, attracting top candidates through inbound recruitment is a long-term strategy that keeps your hiring funnel replete with passive talent. So, you don’t have to wait endlessly in the hopes of finding your ideal candidate. They’ll walk in through your doors themselves. It’s an investment in the future that saves organizations a lot of time and valuable resources.