We align the technology of marketing automation platforms with our managed services like content and creative strategies to deliver resonating marketing campaigns across multiple channels. 

We offer services for— demand generation, lead nurturing and scoring, persona creation and retention, personalized content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO for varied industries.

Seeing the measurable results of your B2B campaigns can take anywhere from 3-6 months.   

Depending on the services you opt for, we charge on a monthly-retainer basis.  

Yes, most certainly. Any efficient marketing campaign has to be ROI-centric in present times. 

None! We are always 100% upfront and transparent with our clients.

We are a managed services agency that excels in account-based marketing. Our vast experience of working with various martech stacks coupled with content, creative and digital abilities makes us one of the most admired ABM agencies. 

Any conventional form of marketing will fail when it comes to getting a foot in the door of large corporations.
We did a whole blog on why ABM should be a no-brainer for B2B brands today—you can just sift through it, to know why!

Our KPIs lie in delivering MQLs (marketing qualified leads) and SQLs (sales qualified leads). It means when our clients approach a prospect, the prospect already knows them and has a positive recall about their brand—fully ready to engage!

Through cognitive marketing, we connect with your target audience and trigger subconscious decision-making for B2B purchases. This is achieved through the orchestration of highly personalized and meaningful cross-channel customer journeys.  

Yes, it does. ABM is all about creating a perfect symphony between your sales and marketing functions. Our ABM services involve sales enablement.

ABM is a zero-waste strategy for the long run! It complements short-term goals of generating leads with efforts focused on driving long-term revenue.

If you want to acquire key accounts and overcome long sales cycles, in a niche industry– ABM will certainly work for you! 

In the times of talent crunch, recruitment marketing automation helps you win the talent war. With automated personalized communications, we fill your talent pipeline with highly-qualified applicants. 

Through our RMA services, we enhance your employer brand and turn your organisation into a magnet for passive talent.

We are not a headhunting firm, but we help leadership hiring organisations in acquiring the right talent.

Yes, we will! Our content team will be delighted to create a great EVP for your brand. 

Yes, significantly more than traditional or outbound hiring. It not only reduces the time-to-hire, it also hires only the best-fit employees.

Recruitment marketing automation is a fairly new strategy that is globally managed by agencies.  Here’s a blog with detailed pros and cons on both the stances—and what’s best for an organisation like yours.