3 Biggest Trends Shaping the B2B Landscape in 2022

b2b marketing trends 2022

The world of marketing moves at the speed of light. For marketers, a new year means new business trends to look out for. In 2021, we saw just how quickly the B2B marketing industry can evolve. As some marketers embraced hybrid business landscapes, others saw a slump in the virtual engagement and online traffic they had recently grown to rely on. After 22 chaotic months, the B2B landscape has now become rife with disruptions. Keep reading to find out what they are and how they’ll impact the new year:

1. B2B Spend Shifts to A Mobile-First Strategy

With marketers adjusting to a work-from-home reality, mobile communications will become central to B2B marketing efforts in 2022. McKinsey and Company reported that around 80% of B2B buyers and decision-makers prefer remote or digital interactions with vendors. Gartner predicted this number will pick up by an additional 10% in 2025.

As the number of millennials in decision-making roles has grown, so has the number of buyers who want a seller-free experience. With many preferring remote over in-person interactions, B2B marketers will benefit from prioritizing mobile advertising, video marketing and self-service portals in 2022.

2. The Rise of New B2B Lead Gen Channels

In-person events are no longer available to generate high-quality leads. B2B marketers have started taking to social advertisements to generate leads that previously came from events. With the majority of B2B buyers being millennials and digital natives, social media has disrupted the traditional sources of B2B lead generation.

Apart from LinkedIn and Twitter, 2022 is likely to see the rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and even TikTok for engaging prospects. B2B buyers unwilling to commit fully to in-person interactions are seeking engagements that require lesser commitments. As a result, ramping up your personalisation efforts with tightly-focused account-based precision is key for B2B brands this year.

3. A Growing Focus on Customer Psychology

As the customer increasingly becomes the focus of new B2B journeys, topic-driven marketing will take a backseat for persona-driven marketing. In 2022, B2B marketers will spend more time focused on the individual psychology and persona of key buyers and decision-makers. 

Known as accounts, a professional B2B marketing company can segment and create client-personas to meaningfully target these valuable top-of-the-funnel leads with campaigns that appeal to their subconscious, often evoking an emotional response. There’s also likely to be a greater focus on matching searcher intent and developing niche content calendars for specific B2B audiences. 

Major shifts in global markets are disrupting how B2B companies approach marketing. To leverage the most out of this new year, get a head start on adapting these B2B trends in your marketing efforts. For more information on what’s ideal for your company, get in touch with a B2B marketing consultant now.