When did you last click on a banner?

You just bet your bottom dollar on internet banner advertising, but, there’s a reported decline in call-to-actions. What should’ve ideally muscled up the website traffic, isn’t making any strides. Our guess: you’ve been badly bitten by ‘Banner Blindness’- well, that’s the new lingo/ epidemic of users blindly ignoring your ad. Conversely, for the number of minimal clicks received, (a lot of times) the user data is inconsequential.

Here’s what’s happening

– The ads face cold-blooded ignorance

– Mismatched landing experience

– Accidental clicks

– Wilful clicks, incompatible personas

Each of these limitations aren’t conducive to sustain website traffic.

Bye bye conventional

Banner advertising is old routine. Most consumers find them irrelevant, distracting and non-value providing. Your starting point is to connect the content with viewer’s interest, which most often, is visibly lost in banner ads. Statistics show that click-through-rate across all ad forms and placements is only 0.01%. On this wise, your chances of learning Mandarin are higher than the likeliness of clicking on a banner ad!!

For a user who is already deluged with a plethora of online advertisements, creating interactions that are relevant to him, at his time and comfort, is the need of the time. Nevertheless, display strategy (alone) ain’t a reliable strategy to upscale your brand awareness and generate high volumes of traffic cost effectively.