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Current methodology of recruiting is reactive. Enterprises advertise their job openings and expect solid applicants will apply. Unfortunately, thinking for the best doesn’t pay off as it used to. Recruitment has become very challenging and good quality candidates have a plethora of job options. A deserving person doesn’t need to peruse job portals and can choose to selectively respond to the innumerable recruiters he hears from every now and then.

An automated recruitment marketing initiative can help your talent acquisition team to rise above the legacy methodologies that everybody else relies on. It’s the process of building relationships with sought talent, over a period of time, so their interest in becoming a part of your organisation builds up gradually.

Major Themes

Content Curation

You need to tell your employer brand story. Help aspirants answer questions and get a genuine look inside your enterprise by creating content that’s resonating to your candidate persona.

Hiring Journey Marketing

The chances of a talented candidate to apply for a job opening, in the very first go, on your website, is pretty low. Recruiters need to think like marketers, to nurture this relationship and be in constant touch with candidates over time.

Cross -Channel

Job aspirants and passive seekers learn about your organisation from various platforms and channels. Engage them where they are, by taking your organisations brand to them.

Stack Integration

To understand how recruitment marketing automation impacts your organisation’s bottom line, you need the full, integrated dashboard of where your candidates are coming from. Dig into your recruiting analytics very often.


Every enterprise has a unique set of values, motivations, and beliefs. Your organisation culture is your competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting, and it should be the true north of your best efforts.