B2B Marekting benefit

Marketing Automation’s ‘teenage years’
are resulting in some soul-searching for B2B marketers.

If sales and marketing have a pretty decent idea regarding your target audience and what they are looking for, marketing automation can be a great way to take things to the next level. By improving the efficiency of your company, you can improve profits by reaching new prospects outside of your immediate network of customers.

Understanding ROI

VentureBeat reports that brands typically see a 20 to 50 percent increase in revenue after adopting marketing automation. Why?

Because a marketing automation suite doesn’t get tired and start making mistakes just because you’re dealing with the data of 20 campaigns instead of two. You can make your approach as exhaustively intricate and data-driven every time with marketing automation in place.

Perfecting the client experience

Any company keeping on top of its marketing and sales knows how important it is to track individuals and maintain a relationship, but doing so without automation can be difficult at best and impossible at worst.

Automating aspects of your marketing can help you get over this hurdle – particularly if you have a longer sales cycle or a business model that requires more touch-points with clients and prospects.

Market segmentation and Personalization

Market segmentation is a crucial idea if you want to increase B2B sales via personalized marketing without the exhaustive effort With the data provided by a marketing automation suite at your fingertips, you can identify segments and opportunities you never dreamed existed.

Quality of leads

As one of the top issues facing B2B marketers, it’s clear that lead quality is something to pay attention to from a marketing standpoint.
The answer is a scoring and grading system .They can then grade them based on how closely they fit the profile of your business’s ideal buyer. This way, the best leads will go to sales first, and the tension-filled gap between sales and marketing will close.

Customer acquisition (audience/list growth)

It’s no surprise that this makes the top five. Expanding your audience or list of subscribers is no easy task, but marketing automation has the tools to help you meet your business goals. Creating a personalised experience makes your content more relevant to buyers. How relevant? 60% of B2Bs surveyed said that they would be increasing spend on web personalisation.