How to Create an inbound recruitment strategy that attracts Best Talent

Recruitment Automation

Inbound recruiting using Marketing Automation is the methodology used to create a remarkable experience for the talent you want to hire by amplifying a specific branded content that will grow your Employer Brand perception and better your relationship with both active and passive process in different stages of the recruiting cycle.
In teh present times where there is such a huge “war for talent”, with much higher demand that companies need to do something different to attract the best candidates. Posting jobs on job portals and asking for references on Linkedin is not enough to get the right talent to apply.
Organisations need to start using inbound techniques to optimize their current recruiting strategy, it’s a known that you have a clear employer promise, organisation culture and value proposition, which need to communicate in the right manner.
We divide the whole Process into 2 Parts: Top and Middle Funnel. The bottom is the process of an employee to join the organisation

The Top of the Funnel – Attention of Right Talent

This is where everything begins. These individuals with immense talent are potential to be great leads as prospective employees on your organisation. It is the widest area of the funnel because it is the most comprehensive list of individuals and there’s been no checking being done whether or not these people would be a good fit or a bad apple for your company. It is here where we intend on attracting a large volume of talent. It involves :

  • – Define your companies fabric. What traits help people succeed in your organisation?
  • – Create an ideal ‘prospective employee persona’
  • – Create resonating content that persona will relate to
  • – Use Multi-Channel Strategy to Connect with them
  • – Get amplifying. Get talking to people that suit your organisation needs and provide them with personalised content that they find interesting.

Middle of the Funnel – Nurturing of Potential Applicants

This part of funnel becomes smaller as here is where some of the potential employees become disqualified. this stage focuses on encouraging candidates who are a cultural fit into engaging with your hiring team. If the recruitment marketing automation agency does their job correctly, prospective talent will start to either become serious or opt out of the process, understanding they are not a perfect fit

Most Important

  • – Conventional marketing relies on ‘interrupting’ flow of a user to grab his attention. Similar are cold calls from recruiters today.
  • – Put simply, these methodologies don’t work too well anymore.
  • – Most recruiters also have to change to reap the rewards of an inbound recruitment strategy –
  • – Create relationships, not Cold Calls

Here are the main reasons why inbound recruiting automation is a great framework to start this brand relationship.

1. It’s non-interrupting

Cold calls are deliberately designed to get in that way, and people don’t really like that. On-demand content gives people a choice. They can choose what they want to consume with

– In an age where anyone is consuming content in a mammoth way, This approach makes your brand look positive

2. It’s inexpensive

Advertising on job portals is budget dependent. It’s easy for the biggest companies to shadow the market.

Resonating content is the playing field. If you take the time to curate something fantastic that your resonates with your Prospective employess, then you have a chance of taking on the big boys!