3 Reasons to think Cross Channel Cross Device

Multi-channel Marketing

A typical user today sees something interesting while reading a facebook post and then clicks it out of interest. He then starts using his laptop to continue finding out more about that same “something” simultaneously on a few different sites. Soon he stops the whole exercise to drive back home. Sometime later he decides to re-connect with that “something”…..on whichever device is handy or convenient at that time.  —graphic interpretation

This is a peek into a customer’s winding journey through the sales funnel, spanning various channels and devices. Each user interaction with an organization (on each channel & device) contributes to an overall user experience.

What a marketer needs today:

So what do cross channel cross device campaigns bring to the table?


1. Get you to where your customer is –

With the growing number of available marketing platforms (did you think of twitter, tumblr, facebook, etc as marketing channels a few years ago??), customers could come in or engage from anywhere. BE THERE. Cross channel consumers are 4X higher spenders than single channel buyers. Can you afford to let them slide? Meeting customers with a relevant offering, in a place of their choice definitely begs higher conversion rates.


2. Plan a buyer-

Journey engagement NOT an interaction – Goldfish had a bad name with a 9 second attention span…..we humans have dropped lower…8 seconds!!

attention span

The constant decline in attention span makes it impossible to expect a customer’s business to end in one interaction or sitting. To add to that, the user journey sees many interruptions, channel switches, context and location changes, etc.

Cross channel cross device is a people-based approach that:

3. Orchestrate a Seamless experience –

Imagine how fast a customer would disengage if he switches channels or devices and    each time he has to re-establish the train of thoughts and context?!

As customers get more and more mobile with more interaction channels, the only way to better engagements and profitable conversions is to handle each change-over seamlessly. A user can pick up exactly where he left off, with a well-defined cross device cross channel approach as: